Who is the Catskill, Adirondack and Berkshire Railroad Club

The CAB RR is Albanys HO scale modular railroad club. The CAB RR promotes model railroading by bringing up from the basement and to public; simulates railroad operations; educate the public about railroad history and lore; and provide an enjoyable time for its members and the public.

Modules are generally owned by the individual members, with the CAB RR owning four corners, a small yard, and an internal stating yard. The club also owns the electronic, support items (curtains, power cords, etc.) and a trailer to pull all this with. This allows the club to always have a complete circle at every display. Our club follows the NMRA Module Standard 1.0 and Module Recommended Practices 1.0 for its modules, with a few alternations for ease of setup at train shows, as well as an extra railroad line for operations.

Our Membership

The club membership is made up of people who live or are from the Capital Region, and share an interest in model trains. Every member of the club brings a unique talent to the club which makes the club stronger. The only requirement that a member needs to have is an interest in railroading, whether it be the full-size or model size. People who are new to the hobby and people that have been around for a while are more than welcome to join and participate in club activities.

As a member of the CAB RR, a model railroader can: build and display a module; operate a train around one of the clubs three railroad lines; and participate in the clubs monthly fun nights. Fun nights are where the club visits a layout of a model railroader in the Capital Region and is allowed to operate on their layout.

Our members joined the CAB RR for a variety of different reasons. Some members joined because they have a train sitting at home and have no place to run it. Some like to share their love of the model railroading hobby with others. Members have joined the CAB RR because they are looking to learn new things in model railroading so they can use it on their future layouts.